The Trifecta

  • Erie New Auto Security
  • Erie Full Glass
  • Erie Auto Plus

Keep that new car feeling, with Erie Insurance’s New Auto Security! That means, if your ride gets totaled, ERIE will reimburse you the cost to replace it with the newest model year (minus your deductible). Talk with us! 

With Erie Insurance’s Full Glass, you can have coverage for windshield repair/replacement (no deductible) for about the price of eating out…once a year. Talk with us! 

With Erie Insurance’s NEW AUTO SECURITY, we can help bridge the gap between what the car is worth, and how much you still owe. We can help you keep that new car feeling! Ask us about it!

Read below about understanding your auto insurance! There are some great extras that could save you some money, and certainly save you some headaches! Ask us about them!

With Erie Auto Plus you’ll have a Diminishing Deductible that goes down $100 every year that you go without a claim, for up to $500. Deal!