M&M’S Promises

Promises, promises, promises…we don’t take them lightly at Martin & Martin Insurance.  We have built our business on fulfilling the promises we have made to our customers since we opened our doors in 1989.  Allow us to keep those promises to you too.


#1: We promise that we will explain your insurance to you before you buy it.  We will take the time to go over the coverage in an easy to understand way and give you options so you can choose what is the right coverage for you.  Knowledge is power and we want you to be powerful!

#2: We promise that we are not just trying to sell you more insurance.  We are obligated to keep you informed of changes in the industry; therefore, we will be contacting you to give you more options from time to time.

#3: We promise to never sell you cheap insurance.  The definition of cheap is poor quality; inferior.  We don’t sell cheap insurance because cheap insurance is very costly when you need it

#4:  We promise we are in this journey together.  This is a partnership.  Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with you based on trust and respect keeping in mind what is best for you.

#5:  We promise to appreciate your business.  We don’t take your business lightly and we want you to feel that every time we have the privilege of providing service to you.

#6: We promise you will be treated with kindness, sincerity and respect.  We are here to celebrate your successes and help you through your frustrations.